Pascal Moraiz first devoted himself to still life photography. Sharpening the light, sculpting the shadows, his extreme precision soon leads him to specialize in high jewelry for publishing and advertising.
Slowly, stillness brings movement. This is when video broadens new horizons. Another way of transcribing life. Moraiz’s video work focuses on gestures and savoir-faire, emphasizing the precision and control of the movement, the dexterity and intelligence of the human hand and body.
Simultaneously, his personal research, as a duty of remembrance, explores the traces we leave behind, in our environment and in our memories : rusty toys and tools, abandoned walls and facilities, forgotten intimacies, scarified landscapes…

Exhibitions :
2016 - Rusty Games - Arles, Galerie Huit
2008 - Pontoons - Paris, Festival International de l’Image Environnementale Bercy
2007 - Pontoons - Paris, Générale des Arts

Contact :

tel : + 33 6 08 24 06 79